Monday, August 27, 2007

Blog Mention: Briana Arlene

BrianaArlene.blogspot sure had a good eye. I'm in great company on her blog.


Blessed said...

hi i saw your interview on etsy's featured seller

i believe promotion is a huge part of business and would be very grateful if you could link my site to yours

thank you so much!!

msbelle said...

I see an explosion has taken place since you were featured seller on Etsy! Congratulations and good for you! You go girl! I've always admired your work and hope I can venture into metal someday. You inspire my soul.

Hope your little one is enjoying her school!! :D

Stay cool in those mountains. Frost will be here before we know it!

chocolate girl said...

i am just one more who is very inspired by you. in my eyes, you are one artists who is true to herself. authentic. it shows in your designs. your work is staggeringly beautiful. thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world.