Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Studio Update

It's been awhile since I've posted anything about what's happening in my studio, so here's the lowdown on what I'm up to (when I'm not obsessively digging and planting in my new garden, painting pictures of chickens with my 4 year old, and cooing at our new ducklings). I miss writing, so I'm hoping to use this space to ramble about anything vaguely creativity-related in my life, as well as keep interested parties apprised of new designs and various online appearances.

After moving home and studio in December, I discovered that high speed internet was simply not available at the new place, so last month I caught wind of a studio space in amazing Marshall, NC, a nearby riverside town and budding artist mecca (more on that later- Marshall deserves a post all its own...actually, here's a great blog devoted to some of Marshall's happenings). So I moved again and have been so much more productive, not to mention thrilled about being back in the land of high speed internet.

My main project, after painting over the band-aid flesh peach of the studio with a soothing deep green, has been developing a wholesale line and print catalog which should be ready to launch in May. It feels like a huge and necessary step, and my dream is that by taking on wholesale accounts, I'll have more time to carry out the myriad of new designs constantly spinning through my brain and create more one-of-a-kind treasures. Sewing books and clothing out of recycled materials is another passion I've started to get back into after a 2 year hiatus spent building Honeybee. And knitting! I'm slowly building a collection of hats, scarves, and armwarmers to launch next fall, all made of natural fibers and recycled sari silk.

Somehow, in between all of this, I'll be tending a pretty big garden plot and a flock of ten laying hens. And maybe a goat or two. Maybe. Really, though, creating a more self-sustaining lifestyle is the fuel I need to inspire my work, so I'm incredibly excited to be taking all of this on.

Happy Equinox!


sherry said...

How lovely this is all happening for you. I just picked out the paper for my first wholesale catalog yesterday as well as turned over the soil in two of my garden beds.
My son (17), older than your daughter, is leaving for his first trip abroad on Thursday, but while I will miss him, I'll be using the time for planning what is to come.

amy said...

Hi Sherry~
I love your work, especially the pieces with little globes.
And yes, it's an exciting time! Not sure if I'm more thrilled about my wholesale line or about the farm and garden happenings :)

The Red Heart said...

Hey girl!
Did you go up to Waynes already? If not may I rool with you?

industrialpoppy said...

Oh I loved this post-I too have always dreamt of a sustainable lifestyle, and while I'm not there yet, it is still a goal. Looking forward to hearing more about it on your blog-if you ever have any free time :)

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