Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Directions

After years of deliberation, months of planning, and many weeks learning Adobe Illustrator, my wholesale catalog is finished and on its way to shops and galleries throughout the Carolinas (and if you're a wholesaler buyer and would like a copy, just send along your contact info to amymooredesigns (at!)

In the meantime, I've been honing a few ideas for extra special custom designs, all of which involve preserving treasures and heirlooms in unique settings. Clients send me their treasures and we work together to create a setting to help preserve them. They'll be listed later this spring on my website and can be purchased in my Esty shop.

I've made rings and cuffs from bits of lace that turned out beautifully. The process involved making a mold in clay from the lace and then making a relief model out of metal clay, which is then cast in sterling silver for strength and durability. Oxidizing the silver enhances the delicate details. And what an incredible way to preserve a favorite swatch of lace!

The other pieces are pendants that can hold tiny treasures~ one is a setting I use for bits of sea glass, river stones, pottery shards, or any special object that is somewhat flat in shape. The other piece is created with a basket weave and shaped like a flower pod, encasing a small treasure or a few treasures. As long as they're no larger than a macadamia nut, they'll fit inside the woven pod.

More photos to follow soon!


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a while and think your jewellery is very unique! Good luck with your new directions, the website is beautiful.

amy said...

Thanks, Mariette! I'm excited too.

Blogger said...

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